ELC: Our Immaculate Conception School Guardian Angelsí Early Learning Center offers a developmentally-appropriate curriculum which includes special instruction in Physical Education and Music from grades PK3 through Kindergarten. The Nursery, PK1 and PK2 classes are entirely self-contained.

PRIMARY: The primary level grades of Grade 1-4 are generally self-contained. The special instruction they receive includes physical education, art, music, computers, and library.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: The Immaculate Conception Middle School offers departmental instruction in all areas of the Core Curriculum. All of our instructors are certified in the subject area that they are teaching or in Secondary Education (grades 6-12). This allows are children to be challenged and engaged in core subject areas. Additionally, children receive specialized instruction in physical education, art, computer, and foreign language. 6th & 7th graders, who are eligible, are also invited to participate in our ICS Honors Program. Most of our textbooks are available on-line and students access them through the use of Chromebooks, which they rent for this purpose.

Standardized Tests are an objective instrument for recognizing the mastery of student achievement. At Immaculate Conception School, Terra Nova Tests are administered to grades 5 & 6; the ACT Aspire Test is administered to grades 3 & 4. Our 7th grade students entering high school are administered High School Placement Exams by the High School of their choice.