Immaculate Conception School Counseling Program
Professional Disclosure Statement

Immaculate Conception School offers the services of one part-time counselor to assist students and families. The counselor helps to identify, assess, and -- Immaculate Conception School hopes -- to resolve spiritual, social, emotional, behavioral, and academic difficulties that may interfere with attendance, achievement and adjustment in school. All information shared by students, parents and teachers is kept confidential consistent with applicable law, i.e., only to the extent that it is legally privileged, such as a health care provider-patient privilege, and except in certain situations where there is an ethical and/or legal responsibility to limit confidentiality and reveal information or records. Such situations include but are not necessarily limited to circumstances where the child reveals information about harm or possible harm to himself or herself or to another person or where the child reveals information about abuse. The school counselor will act at all times in a professional manner that is consistent with the legal and ethical standards that all school counselors uphold.

Counseling services at Immaculate Conception School include

 Individual sessions to address personal, social and academic issues related to school

 Small group sessions to address conflict resolution

 Classroom lessons related to positive personal growth and development

 Parent and teacher consultations to address personal, academic and social issues pertaining to school

 Referral assistance to other services and programs in the community

 Provision of resources to parents, students and teachers

 Liaison with other mental health professionals and agencies

 Coordination of evaluations for possible student exceptionalities

 Crisis intervention and prevention

 Coordination of various guidance programs and speakers


Reasons for Referral

 Loss of a loved one or pet  

 New student concerns

 Friendship problems

 Family change or difficulty       

 Difficulty coming to school    

 Academic difficulties

 Conflict resolution

 Anger management


Unfortunately, Immaculate Conception School is not able to provide the following services to your child or to the parents:

      Testimony in court in child custody matters other than as to facts and then only if subpoenaed.

      Intensive long-term counseling services when they are needed by a child or family

Your child will be participating in the school counseling program on a regular basis. Please contact the counselor if she can assist you or your child.  Immaculate Conception School hopes to help empower your child to achieve their best spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally.

Various ways to contact the counselor Counselor: Stacey Davis
Tell any adult at the school immediately if you are worried about serious harm to someone.

I am available to serve you with your or your child's concerns. You may contact me by phone or email, whichever you prefer. I attempt to respond within 24-48 hours during the school week.

By phone - You may call the school and ask to speak to me or if it is after regular school hours, you may leave me a message on my voice mail at extension 39.

By email - You may also send me an email at

There are a few ways to let me know you would like an appointment to talk.

Use the Listening Box: I have placed the Listening Box (mailbox) near the water fountain and bathrooms. Place a note in there with your first and last names. Ask your teacher:

Ask your teacher to contact me to let me know you would like to talk to me.

Ask me: Stop me when you see me at school and request to see me.

Ask your parent: Ask your parent or guardian to contact me to let me know you would like to see me. I look forward to helping you!

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