Primary School homework information links are within each teachers contact page. You may also contact individual teachers directly by filling out the email form within their contact page. Click teacher name for information.

Teachers may be contacted by calling the school office and leaving a voicemail or by emailing the address below. All homework and detailed class information is found on Plus Portal

Billiot Betty PK-1
Bourgeois Bridget Kindergarten
Bush Kailyn Middle School / PK4 PE / Athletic Director
Camp Kayla PK-1
Cedrone Sr. Antoinette Middle School Spanish
Collins Silvana Advancement
Comeaux Buff PK-4
Cortez Brittany 3rd Grade
Dalton Charla 1st Grade
Davis Stacey Counselor
DiMarco Kim Principal
Dufrene Jan Receptionist
Favaloro Nathan Computer
Flattmann Janet 4th Red./Eng., 6B / 6C Rel.
Gaudet Sally Kindergarten
Gauthé Zetta 7th Math / Dean of Students
Guillot Lynn Receptonist - Guardian Angels
Hamilton Emily PK3
Hannan Lisa 4th Rel. / S.S., 7B / 7C Rel.
Hebert Carmel 6th Literature/English
Hebert Jan PK-2
Hernandez Ashley 2nd Grade
Holmes Glenn 4th / 5th P.E., 4th Math, 7A Rel.
Lagace Sr. Florine Religion - Kinder
LeBlanc Danielle Tuition Manager
Lewis Helen PK1
LoCascio Ann Marie Primary PE
Majoué Teri 1st Grade
Matherne Carman Business Office
McDonald Ashley PK-2
Molaison Gaye Librarian
Monaghan Jennifer Secretary
Murrish Stephen Technology
Nash Nichelle PK-4
Nieves Cody 5th S.S. / Rel.
Nieves Jessica 2nd Grade
Ockman Janel Music PK2-3rd
Paine Katherine PK-3
Parria Ashley 6th & 7th Science
Pertuit Karla Religion 1, 2 & 3
Pham Mi Yong 5th / 6th Math
Prejean Stacie Art, 6th / 7th Computer
Rawle Roxanne Assistant Principal
Reyer Donna Nursery
Reynolds Angelic PK-2
Rollins Brenda PK-3
Romano Melissa 3rd Grade
Scheibe Terri 5th English / Reading
Simmons Germaine Nursery
Smith Lynette 4th / 5th Science 
Spano Anthony 6th / 7th Social Studies
Spano Melissa 7th Literature / English
Steel Melissa 2nd Grade
Stone Nicole 1st Grade
Tenorio Danielle PK4
Vicknair Amanda 3rd Grade
Walker Michelle Nurse